Trivium Forever Canvas Winner:

Caitlin Wagg
Caitlin Wagg

Caitlin chose the beverage bottle category for her HB juice idea.

Caitlin’s idea sprang from the insight that, to think creatively, we must fuel our brains with the proper nutrients.

Using Australian-grown oranges as her inspiration, Caitlin’s work was grounded in the properties of HB Juice - a satisfying drink that naturally boosts creativity and supports mental wellbeing.

The name of the product and its elegantly subtle design represents the creative thinking process and is inspired by the iconic yellow HB pencil.

What the judges thought:

Caitlin came up with a truly creative story to spark her concept and she has created a unique and differentiated result!

Design rationale

Pencils are a universal symbol of creativity and were one of the earliest implements of self-expression
and communication. HB juice promotes holistic thinking by combining creativity with unrestrained
imagination. The instantly recognisable shape of the pencil presents Australian juice in a creative light
and the use of positive and negative space creates a subtle ‘Aha!’ response.


“My goal for HB Juice was simple. I wanted to design a healthy beverage that encouraged every Australian to think creatively and live a happier and healthier lifestyle. Need to recharge your creativity? Keep your creative juices flowing with HB Juice!!”

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