Trivium Forever Canvas Winner:

Sebastian Ricardo
Sebastian Ricardo

The starting point for Sebastian’s work was the phrase ‘shield and protect’. The result? A sharp, cleanly designed threaded bottle containing hand sanitizer, something we’ve all grown very used to seeing over the last couple of years!

The concept balances the protective power of the sanitizer itself against the protection offered by the container– both of which help to protect us and our environment.

Design rationale:

The energy of the execution comes from the marriage of the twin concepts of health and the environment. The packaging itself functions as a shield clearly expressing ideas of public health and protecting the environment - along with corporate and industrial responsibility. The design allows the stylish, brushed aluminium to shine through the central area for maximum impact.

What the judges thought:

We were impressed with Sebastian’s idea which had been very carefully thought through, we really liked the fact that it highlighted that the product protects both the body and the environment. It looked absolutely real - and accurately reflected the high quality of Trivium’s premium packaging.


“I sought to design a product with a real and commercial appearance, but that at the same time has a story behind it that transmits important ideas and values. I did not focus only on the visual or functional.”

Meet Sebastian

Let's take a look behind the scenes. Sebastian tells us about some of his influences and guides us through his creative process.

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