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09 April 2021

Aluar: Wall-to-Wall Sustainability

By Trivium Communications
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Tiffany Schlarman
Tiffany Schlarman
Global Marketing Communications Director
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Aluar: Wall-to-Wall Sustainability
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The challenge

It is well known that metal, and therefore aluminum, is infinitely recyclable. With more than 75% of all aluminum ever produced still in circulation, this substrate rivals its counterparts when it comes to recycling. In packaging, the substrate has also seen significant improvements in light-weighting as innovations and technologies are produced to allow companies like Trivium Packaging to include post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled materials into the production of new aluminum products, using up to 25% recycled content. Proprietary blends of this mixture allow Trivium’s products to maintain the integrity and strength of the packaging without compromise to the liners and coatings required for the products they hold.

The story of sustainability for metal has a strong foundation in its ability to be infinitely recyclable and in its recycling rates. It also continues to make advances in the areas of weight, reducing carbon footprints and other costs associated with shipping. But, this wasn’t enough for Trivium Packaging, which strives to push the envelope in improving sustainable processes and outcomes. In this case, Trivium sought to decrease carbon footprint and shipping pure aluminum into their Argentina plant.


The solution came in partnership with Aluar, a company that produces liquid aluminum with 60% green energy. Trivium’s plant was built adjoining Aluar’s manufacturing facility at Chubut, Argentina Province, so that Trivium could receive the pure aluminum they purchase from Aluar directly. This one-of-a-kind process eliminates solidifying the liquid aluminum into ingots before transport and the re-melting of aluminum for the creation of new aluminum packaging. Instead, the process allows Trivium to receive the liquid aluminum in its true form, significantly reducing carbon emissions and saving energy while also improving efficiencies for Trivium’s teams, who can immediately add their proprietary blends to the pure liquid aluminum, creating products that use up to 25% recycled content.

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