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03 December 2020

Holistic innovation in Argentina

By Trivium Communications
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Tiffany Schlarman
Tiffany Schlarman
Global Marketing Communications Director

Our team in Puerto Madryn, Argentina, is no stranger to innovative and lightweight alloys. In 2021 they developed the third generation of a lightweighting alloy.

Their newest alloy is 25% lighter than pure aluminium, with a significantly lower CO2 footprint and is part of our PivotAL (TM) family of alloys. That's not all. The team has always approached their lightweighting work with a holistic mindset that includes suppliers and the community.

The Trivium plant is built wall-to-wall with our aluminium supplier, Aluar, which allows us to receive the aluminium in molten form. This means we don't have to remelt the metal, significantly reducing our energy consumption.

In addition, Aluar shares our sustainability ambitions and they receive 60% of their energy from renewable sources. The Trivium team in Argentina has also established in Buenos Aires and in other Argentinian provinces, programs to increase recycling rates, securing our supply of recycled content and building recycling awareness in the community.