Case Studies
31 March 2022

The right shape that says "Pick me!"

By Trivium Communications
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Tiffany Schlarman
Tiffany Schlarman
Global Marketing Communications Director

Metal has an intrinsic ability to be formed into virtually any shape. This can make your product stackable, nestable, and – perhaps most importantly – attention-grabbing. Our shaping technologies can help.

Die necking gradually forms a straight cylinder into the desired shape by pushing smaller and smaller dies on to it, while blow moulding shapes a cylinder to fit a specific mould using air pressure. These techniques allow for a number of different shapes and sizes of the neck and body of the cylinder. Embossing is yet another way of shaping the can to make it stand out on any shelf.

When American Bubble Company wanted eco-friendly, sustainable and recyclable packaging perfect for the child in all of us, they came to Trivium.

We shaped the bottle to ensure it had an ergonomic and non-slip grip.

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