Case Studies
30 April 2021

The shape of fun

By Trivium Communications
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Tiffany Schlarman
Tiffany Schlarman
Global Marketing Communications Director

Designing for small hands can be particularly tricky. When the American Bubble Company wanted eco-friendly, sustainable and recyclable packaging perfect for the child in all of us, they came to Trivium.

Picking metal ticked all of their sustainability boxes and supported their commitment to preventing plastic pollution in our waterways and landfills. But the bottles also had to work for the young consumer.

Together with the customer, we shaped the bottle to ensure it had an ergonomic and non-slip grip. The resulting narrowed neck section created an intuitive spot to easily and securely hold and refill the bottle, giving children a sense of accomplishment and independence.

The Bubble Tree Refillable Bubble System won an iF Design Award in 2021.