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22 November 2023

Interview: Advocating for circularity in packaging

By Trivium Communications
News contact
Tiffany Schlarman
Tiffany Schlarman
Global Marketing Communications Director

Our Chief Sustainability Officer, Jenny Wassenaar, was recently interviewed by Harry MacKenzie, a sustainability brand builder, about our commitment to developing and producing sustainable packaging and the steps we're taking to reduce our environmental footprint.

The conversation delved into the complexities of lifecycle assessments, highlighting how they vary across tools and underscoring the necessity for a standard that truly reflects the circular potential of materials. Jenny introduced SPHERE, an innovative, open-source framework developed with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. This tool goes beyond the typical lifecycle assessment and aims to deliver a holistic view of sustainability in packaging, with the idea of circularity in mind.

Looking forward, Jenny painted an optimistic picture, fueled by the commitment of companies worldwide to push their sustainability agendas. Specifically for Trivium, the future holds the promise of integrating green steel solutions and driving down CO2 emissions through both material choices and mindful operational practices, including employee engagement in energy conservation.

Harry’s questions brought to light the vital steps needed to transition from a linear to a circular approach. Trivium is actively shaping this transformation, setting forward a sustainable path for packaging.

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