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01 November 2019

Trivium Packaging legacy companies are the big winners at the annual Canmaker’s Cans of the Year Awards

By Trivium Communications
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Tiffany Schlarman
Tiffany Schlarman
Global Marketing Communications Director

Two leading names in metal packaging, which have over many years featured prominently as winners of international packaging awards, enjoyed great success at the 2019 Cans of the Year Awards.

Ardagh Group’s Food and Speciality Metal Packaging Division and Exal Corporation officially merged into Trivium Packaging on 31 October 2019 and staged a joint celebration to mark the largest cluster of achievements at the prestigious event.

Ardagh Food & Speciality claimed Golds for its unique Gaya Gold Coffee can and the ambitious seafood can project for Stabburet, which also scooped the Can of the Year prize, Bronze for the D&I tinplate can with Easy Open End or Easy Peel for D’AUCY vegetables and Exal gained a Bronze for its resealable Califia aluminium bottle.

“We are delighted to receive such recognition for some of our most innovative products”, says Woep Möller, President of Trivium’s Food & Speciality business in Europe. He adds, “We are dedicated to provide added value packaging solutions for our customers, and we are immensely proud of these awards.”

Michael Mapes, CEO of Trivium Packaging, comments: “Although these admirable achievements present a hard act to follow, I confidently predict that with our even stronger focus on innovation, sustainability and customer service, the Trivium name will feature prominently in future awards with the strengths and capabilities of the new combined teams.”

The ultimate accolade awarded to the Stabburet seafood can project shows all the qualities that will make Trivium such a formidable force in metal packaging: attention to detail, with over sixty separate designs; sustainability with a lightweight and fully recyclable can; close cooperation between a state of the art packaging plant and its customer.

An ability to set new standards of innovation was the primary feature of the luxury iced coffee brand, Gaya, where gold printing was applied on the lid and base of the can and  new techniques in blow moulding  achieved the unique shape by expanding the can size by an impressive 26 per cent under 40 bar pressure.

Trivium Packaging becomes one of the world’s major metal packaging companies, with more than 60 locations worldwide, a workforce of approximately 8000 and annual revenues of USD2.7bn. Ardagh Group and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan are both shareholders.