Transforming beauty and care products

Beautiful and sustainable packaging that give your products the wow factor.
Stand out from the crowd

The beauty and personal care market is vast and highly competitive. With countless products on offer, you have to make sure that your product stands out.

At Trivium, we understand what manufactures need and what consumers want. We’ll work together with you to create eye-catching packaging that differentiates, protects and promotes your product – all while being 100% infinitely recyclable. We deliver the product portfolio, customer support and that allows brands to derive exceptional value from their packaging.

Our solutions
All shapes and sizes

Choose from a wide range of shapes and sizes or work with our market-leading team to develop something truly bespoke. Frequently used to package shampoo, body wash, deodorant, lotions, hairspray and more – Trivium can help you package it all.

Gain a sustainable edge

Metal packaging is infinitely recyclable, meaning it can be recycled over and over without loss of quality.

This is growing in importance as consumers become increasingly concerned about the impact of plastic waste. In a 2021 survey by the Boston Consulting Group, 42% of consumers surveyed said they are willing to pay at least 5% more for eco-friendly packaging and 44% said they won’t buy products in harmful packaging.

By choosing our metal packaging for your beauty and personal care products, you can help your buyers make better choices  for themselves and for the planet.

Key case study
Breaking new business ground

Grupo Boticário, the fragrance leader in the Brazilian region, wanted to do things differently by offering their O.U.i. brand as a refillable product. Since they also wanted to ensure their perfume was as sustainable as possible, they knew they brought Trivium on board.

Our solution was to produce aluminium threaded bottle refills for the O.U.i brand. Not only are the bottles infinitely recyclable, but they are also made with an advanced alloy containing 10% recycled content. Because aluminium can be recycled forever and enjoys high recycling rates, it is the perfect sustainability choice for a package that will be discarded after use. The packaging is much lighter than traditional perfume bottles, it helps reduce package waste, and importantly, it maintains the O.U.i brand’s premium feel.

The O.U.i refill bottle was an award-winner in the Grandes Cases de Embalagem in 2021.It succeeded in raising the bar in business, being gentler to the environment and offering convenience to customers – all while smelling great.

Beauty in differentiation

Trivium offers a variety of sizes, shaping options and graphics that support your brand and help you standout on shelves. Metal packaging serves as anas ideal canvas for whatever design you choose. From stunning graphics to advanced printing techniques to multiple specialty finishes and inks, we have a variety of ways to make your beauty and personal care packaging stand out among a growing sea of choices.

NoVar inks allow matte and gloss on the same package while soft-touch inks produce an easy-to-grip rubberised feel. Metallic flake and pearl-base coat effects can also be used.

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