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Discover a diverse range of packaging for whole bean, ground, instant and ready-to-drink coffee.
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Trivium is the one-stop-shop for your coffee packaging needs. We offer more than 30 years of coffee packaging expertise, with global production and  customer support. 

Coffee comes in a variety of formats – and so does our packaging. Our recyclable cans for instant, ground or whole bean coffee are available in a variety of heights and diameters with multiple closure options to secure the best aroma for your product.

Our aluminium bottles are ideal for ready-to-drink, liquid coffee. They’re also perfect for cold brews and other iced coffee drinks as aluminium allows the product to cool quickly.

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Endless possibilities

Our wide range of design and sizing options allows you to create unique and sustainable packaging that will help your brand stand out while keeping your coffee super fresh.

power of innovation
Inspiring innovation

With more than 450 active patents and over 95 international awards, our R&D team consists of collaborative and experienced thought leaders all poised to partner with you and your team to innovate, develop, test and optimise new products or technologies.

We’d love to partner with you to shape the future of coffee packaging together.

Coffee Innovations:

Twist-off can with metal lid
Metal Snap-on lid
Can with embossing
Easy peel with valve
Metal lid with embossing
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