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Trivium offers a wide range of metal packaging for all things edible, including seafood, meats, wet or dry products and dairy.
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Our food cans are at the forefront of innovation. Using 100% infinitely recyclable metal, we help you to deliver the highest level of convenience, protection and freshness to your customers.

From the can manufacturing process to the creation of eye-catching package design, the Trivium team is here to support you every step of the way.

In the spotlight

We’re the world’s leading supplier of aluminium and steel cans for seafood and the Trivium team are here to help you get the best result. Discover innovative range and how our sustainable metal packaging can protect your produce – and promote your brand.

Sustainable protection

Our aluminium and steel cans provide the ultimate in food protection and preservation. We make it possible to go from harvesting to canning in as little as five hours – meaning our metal packaging delivers a level of nutrition comparable to that of fresh food, without preservatives or refrigeration.

Our steel and aluminium cans are also unbreakable, heat- and puncture-resistant and impervious to oxygen, light and bacteria.

And, metal cans offer one of the most sustainable forms of packaging. Aluminium and steel cans can be 100% recycled repeatedly without loss of quality.

Our steel and aluminium cans are:

Unbreakable, heat- and puncture-resistant
Impervious to oxygen, light and bacteria.
Great for the planet, with no packaging more sustainable than metal cans
Repeatedly 100% recyclable without any loss of quality
Learn more about the advantages of metal packaging
Whitepaper: "Protect, Promote, and Preserve"
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In the spotlight
Edible oil

New manufacturing techniques have made way for metal packaging to become the best option for packaging edible oils, thanks to metal’s ability to protect its technical properties while driving commercial value and delivering a sustainable consumer experience. Our article takes a detailed look at the case for packaging oils in metal and explains the technical advantages of metal over other substrates currently available.

Learn more
Edible Oil: The Case for Metal Packaging
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In the spotlight
Bonduelle delivers taste and variety with steel mini-cans

When French food manufacturers Bonduelle identified an opportunity for smaller servings of vegetables to accompany meals, they turned to Trivium for a packaging solution.

The result was a new line of single-serving vegetables, including sweetcorn, chickpeas, kidney beans and mushrooms, packaged in easy-open steel mini cans. Distinctive, high-definition graphics ensure the product stands out on the shelf while satisfying consumer desire for increased variety, colour and taste on the plate.

Differentiating designs and exceptional support

With a range of shapes and a track record of creating distinctive decoration, Trivium enhances the value of metal packaging by helping brands differentiate.

We lead the industry in our commitment to, and investment in, new shaping and printing technologies. Plus, our experienced and knowledgeable customer service teams provide support for all aspects of can filling, seaming and processing.

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