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We're proud to support the medical industry in creating a safer, healthier world – with secure and sustainable metal packaging.
Proven protection

Crafted to exacting standards, our sustainable metal packaging protects a range of liquid and semi-solid pharmaceutical formulations. Through our research and extensive knowledge of the market, we ensure that our bottles and aerosols are designed for easy – and consistent – application.

Our Services

We work in partnership with our customers to create the right solution for their products.

We can help you define the most suitable specifications for your project, including packaging that helps ensure the consistent application of your products.

We also provide technical support throughout processing and understand the importance of continuity of supply.

Proven protection
Customised solutions for specialty products.

Metal provides the ultimate protection and safety for pharmaceuticals. Our metal packaging is puncture-resistant, non-permeable and safe. It offers total barrier protection against light, oxygen and other gases.

Benefits of aluminium bottles:

  • 100% aluminium packaging is infinitely recyclable and can include recycled content.
  • Superior barrier quality elongates shelf life and limits product waste.
  • Direct printing eliminates the need for a label and differentiates your product on the shelf with visual appeal.
  • High strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Compatible with safety seals and child-resistant closures.
  • Aligns with consumer desire for more sustainable packaging and reduction in plastic use.
  • Can be part of a refillable solution.
Consumers seek sustainable packaging

Learn more about consumer desire for sustainable packaging in our Buying Green Report.

59% of consumers look for information on the recyclability or sustainability of the packaging on products they buy.
63% claim they are less likely to buy products with packaging that is harmful to the environment.
82% of consumers would be willing to pay more for sustainable packaging.
2023 Buying Green Report
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The power of innovation

With more than 450 active patents and over 95 international awards, our R&D team consists of collaborative and experienced thought leaders all poised to partner with you and your team to innovate, develop, test and optimise new products and technologies.

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