Packaging your health products

Discover our range of safe and sustainable metal packaging for vitamins, supplements and OTC brands.
A new way to differentiate your brand

Our bold, sleek and sustainable metal packaging enables you to elevate your vitamin, supplement or OTC brand in ways you never imagined. Perfect for a wide variety of formulations, our aluminium bottles, and aerosol cans allow you to customize the size, shape, capacity and security features your product needs.


We protect and promote your products – sustainably.

100% aluminium packaging is infinitely recyclable and can include recycled content.
Superior barrier quality elongates shelf life and limits product waste.
Direct printing eliminates the need for a label, while helping your brand to stand out.
Advanced shaping and graphic design capabilities enhance your brand identity and create a distinctive, stand-out look.
Innovative inks and coatings give products a differentiated, premium look and feel.
Product highlight

Our aluminium bottles are rust-proof and have a high strength-to-weight ratio. Not only are they compatible with safety seals and child-resistant closures, they also offer a refillable solution – perfect for consumers looking to ditch disposable plastic.

Supercharge your brand and grow sustainably

We’ve partnered with hundreds of brands across many industries to create visually distinctive, environmentally conscious solutions.

Our packaging helps brands stand out in multiple ways, with unique shapes and designs, bold graphics printed directly on the package, and a different material that makes sustainability a core part of your brand image.

What’s more, by using the world’s most recycled material, you’re actively committing to protecting your products and the planet.

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The power of innovation

With more than 450 active patents and over 95 international awards, our R&D team consists of collaborative and experienced thought leaders all poised to partner with you and your team to innovate, develop, test and optimise new products or technologies.

We're constantly developing new offerings and would love to work with your brand to develop new solutions.

Consumers seek sustainable packaging

Products that marketed their sustainability grew 7.1x faster than traditionally marketed products.

52% are actively looking for recycling or sustainability information on packaging.
57% say they are less likely to buy a product in harmful packaging.
73% will pay more for sustainable personal care packaging.
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