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100% infinitely recyclable metal packaging because our pets deserve the best.
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Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging isn't just for humans. Our threaded bottles and aerosol cans are perfect for a variety of pet care and health products, helping you reach your sustainability goals while providing the sustainable, convenient packaging consumers seek.

After all, pets aren't just pets. They are family members, best friends and playmates. They give us emotional and physical support, and the packaging that protects the products that keep them happy and healthy make an impact too.

Pets deserve the highest quality of products – and that includes packaging too.

Key shapes and description

Our containers are often used for pet treats, pet water, pet shampoos and conditioners, pet cleaning solutions, pet vitamins, pet supplements, OTC medicines and pet pharmaceuticals. Compatible with industry-standard closures, we make it easy for your product's packaging to switch to 100% infinitely recyclable aluminum.

With our wide selection of shapes, sizes and design options, you can customise things like:

  • fill volume
  • diameter
  • height
  • shape
  • graphics

And because aluminium is naturally rust-proof our bottles are perfect for wet environments where plastic is often chosen over glass. Our aluminium bottles are lightweight, durable and infinitely recyclable making them a highly sustainable packaging solution.

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Stand-out out from the pack

Through our track record of innovation and extensive graphic expertise and design capabilities, we enhance the value of metal packaging by helping pet brands differentiate.

We lead the industry in our commitment to, and investment in, new shaping and printing technologies. Our in-house graphic centres provide a multitude of award-winning, full-colour decorative techniques that add distinction to your package.

In addition, our specialists work with our customers to define the most suitable specifications for every project—including downgauging. They also conduct rigorous testing of metals and coatings, with techniques such as accelerated shelf-life testing.

Plus, our experienced and knowledgeable Customer Technical Service teams provide support for all aspects of can filling, seaming and processing.

Sustainable choices

All our packaging for pet health products are:

  • 100% recyclable - forever
  • recycled-content compatible
  • able to be refilled (compatibility testing required)
  • inline with consumers’ growing desire for non-plastic packaging.

Is a refillable solution right for your pet product? As consumers push towards more sustainable solutions, refillable containers are growing in popularity. Our 100% recyclable aluminium packaging allows you to be creative and bold with the design of your packaging, making refillable containers a showpiece in the home, while contributing to a more sustainable environment.* 

Whether you need the refill or the vessel that needs refilling, you can rest assured that the container’s life cycle will continue over and over again when the consumer recycles the bottle.

*Refill compatibility testing required.

Do you need an innovative packaging partner to drive sustainability and boost your product sales? Let's talk.
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