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Distinctive packaging that provides the highest degree of protection is becoming vital to success in the competitive wet pet food industry. 

Trivium Packaging delivers highly flexible metal packaging solutions. We offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes, closures and decorations. We deliver 100% infinitely recyclable packaging solutions that drive value and differentiation for your brand.

Industries we serve

We are a pet food packaging manufacturer of metal dog food packaging and metal cat food packaging. We also provide metal packaging solutions for other pet categories.  We are a global supplier to leading pet food brands.

All shapes and sizes

Our portfolio of innovative packaging solutions for wet pet foods includes three-piece and two-piece steel and aluminium cans. We have  a range of shapes and sizes that can be adapted to various pet food products. We have flexible packaging options. Conical shapes are particularly popular for pet food due to their stack-ability and logistic efficiencies.

Standard sizes range from 63mm to 99mm in diameter with heights from 24mm to 175mm.

Easy and durable

We also offer Easy Peel™ and ends in different diameters and shapes with full-colour printing. Our peelable closures are ideal for pet food products as the flexible foil withstands pressure in different retort conditions.

High-impact decoration

We lead the industry in our commitment to, and investment in, new shaping and printing technologies. Our in-house graphic centres provide a multitude of award-winning decorative techniques that add distinction to your pet food packaging.

Our specialists work with you to define the most suitable specifications for every project.

Full support and scalable capacity

Our R&D Centre employs close to 100 scientists. These experts work with our customers to focus on innovations that drive growth in the market.

They also conduct rigorous research of metals and coatings with techniques such as accelerated shelf-life testing and downgauging.

We are at the forefront of innovative production methods such as Draw and Wall Ironing (DWI), an advanced metal can-making process that is food safe and ideal for standard food cans produced in high volumes. DWI cans are a great choice for wet foods, reducing the risk of leakage due to their production style.

Our state-of-the-art two- and three-piece DRD equipment can support short run packaging, including full-colour printing. And, our experienced technical service teams provide support for all aspects of can filling, seaming and processing.

Protection plus sustainability

Our aluminium and steel cans provide the ultimate in protection and preservation for wet pet foods. Impermeable and unbreakable, metal cans from Trivium are easy to handle and have a long shelf life. They are also heat and puncture-resistant and completely impervious to oxygen, light, and bacteria. This ensures they keep pet food fresh. Metal gives you a truly sustainable solution.

Metal can be recycled forever. Metal is considered  a permanent material and is part of a circular economy in which materials can be infinitely recycled without loss of quality.

Case Study
Metal cans support Butcher’s Pet Care’s commitment to sustainability

Butcher’s Pet Care is a leading British pet food manufacturer. The brand is committed to protecting the health of dogs with naturally nourishing food. They also want to protect the environment by using sustainable packaging.

Butcher’s has replaced the plastic shrink-wrap packaging on its multipack cans with cardboard. This is recyclable and biodegradable. They also continue to use  metal cans produced by Trivium. 

In fact, the sustainability of the cans is an important part of Butcher’s environmental pledge. This states: “Our cans are infinitely recyclable forever. These metals can be easily and sustainably turned into new materials, like car parts, bicycles or even more cans!”

Rachel Collinson, Director of Food for Dogs at Butcher’s Pet Care says: “reducing waste from plastic packaging is a key concern for consumers. We also appreciate the environmental credentials of the metal can, which is so easy to take for granted.”

Let us help you get started, for enquiries about metal pet food packaging contact us today!
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