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01 June 2023

Invoicing instructions for suppliers

By Trivium Communications
Invoicing Trivium Packaging

We value the partnership with our suppliers and always aim for a seamless invoicing process. To achieve this, we are sharing our invoicing guidelines. By adhering to these, we can ensure efficient processing and timely payments.

Only digital invoice

In most cases, we accept only digital invoices. You may send a paper (hard-copy) invoice only where it is required for legal or fiscal reasons. In these cases, please send your invoice to the correct mailbox address subject to the below requirements:

  1. The document must be in an A4 or US Letter format.
  2. Document paper must be plain white without watermarks.
  3. The invoice must clearly reference the Trivium ship-to entity, Trivium bill-to entity and PO Number.

We do not accept photos or screenshots of invoices.

What to include on your invoice
  1. Purchase order number
  2. Trivium “bill-to” entity address and “ship-to” entity address
  3. Supplier VAT number / VAT ID (if applicable) and Trivium VAT number / VAT ID (if applicable)
  4. VAT amount and rate (if applicable)
  5. Total invoice amount (single currency as per purchase order)
  6. Invoice number/reference and date
  7. Delivery date, number or shipment date, and number (if applicable)
  8. Item description as per purchase order
Check information for a specific entity
Missing information

If any information is missing on your invoice, it will be returned to you and you will be asked to correct the invoice and resubmit it for processing.

Multiple invoices

You can send us multiple invoices in one message, but every invoice must be scanned and attached as a separate PDF (including any attachments) at a minimum of 300 dpi.

More questions about invoicing?