Sustainable by design

Sustainability is embedded into the heart of our business. Find out how it informs our strategy, guides our governance and engages our communities.
Our purpose

The world needs packaging. Products that we buy need protection, foods we consume need preserving, and brands we love need to find ways to stand out on crowded shelves. Yet, our desire for safety, convenience and differentiation should not come at the expense of the environment.

That’s why we have embraced sustainability as a guiding and binding principle for the way we operate our business. Our shared purpose is to shape the future of packaging to ensure a better planet for everyone - today and for generations to come.

Leading the way with infinitely sustainable metal

We want to help as many businesses as possible make the transition to metal packaging – to help improve sustainability across a wide range of industries.

Because metal packaging is infinitely recyclable, inherently circular, and has unrivalled recycling rates globally, it’s ideal for those who want the best protection of their products, but not at the expense of the environment.

Our sustainability strategy

At Trivium, we demonstrate our strong commitment to sustainability through the materials we use. But we believe we can do more.

Through our circularity champion strategy, we’ve embraced ambitious targets that will transform us into the partner of choice for quality, sustainable packaging. Underpinning our strategy are three pillars – customer, planet and people – that cover our entire value chain.

By working together, we can make progress towards a lower environmental footprint and a larger social impact.

Giving consumers what they want
Our Buying Green Report shows that consumers are increasingly looking at the bigger picture: the survival of our planet. More buyers are rejecting harmful, single-use packaging in favour of sustainable, recyclable options like metal. This makes a strong case that transitioning to metal packaging is not only the right decision for the environment, but also the right decision for business.
Buying Green Report
Our environmental profile

From reducing carbon emissions to reclaiming heat in our manufacturing processes, we’re continuously assessing and improving our environmental impact across our facilities worldwide.

Our people and communities

Our sustainability drive is enacted through the passion, teamwork and excellence of our thousands of colleagues – and the innovative initiatives they bring to life.

We seek to create a diverse and welcoming workplace that extends our sustainability efforts beyond our walls, encompassing collaboration with suppliers and active engagement with our local communities worldwide.

Resources and governance

We publish regular reports detailing our environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance – and we share analysis on market trends and consumer insights. Our commitment to transparency helps our customers and end consumers make informed decisions around sustainable packaging.

Policies and statements

We understand that the way we run our organisation is intertwined with the future of our planet. You can read more about our sustainability commitment in our policies and statements.