Protecting our future
How we are embracing the opportunity to make a positive change to our planet.
At Trivium, sustainability matters

The world needs packaging. Products that we buy need protection, foods we consume need preserving, and brands we love need to find ways to stand out on crowded shelves. Yet, our desire for safety, convenience and differentiation should not come at the expense of future generations and their ability to sustain themselves.

At Trivium, we believe that quality packaging does not have to be at odds with the planet— and we work hard to demonstrate that every single day. For the sake of our customers, our planet, and our people.

Circularity champion

Circularity champion is our strategy to become the partner of choice for quality, sustainable packaging. Being a circularity champion means pioneering change and engaging in stakeholder collaborations that protect, promote and preserve resources. Simply put, it enables us to contribute to a circular economy and act as a force for good.

Underlying the circularity champion are three pillars that cover our value chain. Within each pillar, we have set ambitious targets that we aim to achieve by 2030.

Our Circularity Champion pillars
Partner of choice
Develop sustainable, high-quality, innovative ecosystems that increase customer satisfaction and drive sustainable sales
Care for climate
Play a leading role in tackling climate change
Be a force for good
Create and maintain a safe, diverse, empowered and sustainability-concious workforce, and be transparent about our sustainability progress
Sustainability resources

We aspire towards a fully circular economy, where materials are kept in endless loops of use and reuse. By sharing timely insights that can help customers and end consumers make more informed sustainable purchasing choices, we take a further step towards true circularity.

Read 2022 Buying Green Report
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Sustainability reporting

We are committed to being open and transparent about our sustainability progress. Our inaugural 2020 Sustainability Report detailed our social, environmental and safety performance as well as our sustainability management approaches, systems and policies. We will continue to detail our progress on an annual basis.

2020 Sustainability report
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Infinitely sustainable metal

Metal packaging is 100% infinitely recyclable, inherently circular, and enjoys unrivaled recycling rates globally – ideal for those who want the best protection of their products, but not at the expense of the environment.