Circularity champion

At Trivium, we demonstrate our strong commitment to sustainability every day through our materials. Our products are made from infinitely recyclable steel and aluminium that work in tandem with a circular economy.

But we believe we can do more. Through our circularity champion strategy, we’ve embraced ambitious sustainability targets that will help us become the partner of choice for quality, sustainable packaging. We do this by welcoming new ways of circulating value among stakeholders connected to our business.

Our Circularity Champion Strategy

Our circularity champion strategy consists of three pillars that together encompass our value chain. Each pillar focuses on several priority areas based on a materiality assessment with stakeholders; outlines ambitious targets that we aim to achieve by 2030; and maps links between our activities and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our Circularity champion pillars
Partner of choice
Develop sustainable, high-quality, innovative ecosystems that increase customer satisfaction and drive sustainable sales
Care for climate
Play a leading role in tackling climate change
Be a force for good
Create and maintain a safe, diverse, empowered and sustainability-concious workforce, and be transparent about our sustainability progress

The name 'Trivium' is Latin and stands for three roads coming together: our customer, our planet and our people. We have embedded sustainability in the DNA of our organization right from the start and made it an integral part of our business. Its governance - through robust oversight, opportunity & risk management and stakeholder engagement- empowers us to continue our pursuit of a lower environmental footprint and a larger social impact.