Sustainability oversight

Within Trivium, the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Sustainability Officer hold responsibility for leading and managing the company-wide sustainability strategy and its implementation, with oversight from the Supervisory Board.

Trivium’s Supervisory Board provides the necessary leadership and strategic counsel to propagate the principles of good corporate governance across the entire organisation, ensuring that the decisions and actions we take are based on integrity, responsibility and transparency.

Supporting our Chief Sustainability Officer is the Global Circulate Team (GCT), a standing group on sustainability matters that is composed of environmental representatives from all manufacturing plants. The GCT works on defining, refining and driving the implementation of Trivium’s sustainability strategy across the business.

Opportunity and risk management

As a forward-looking organisation, we take measures to carefully identify and assess the social and environmental opportunities and risks in our business environment, and develop management plans to address them. The key socio-environmental risks we have identified are related to climate change and water scarcity. Trivium’s sustainability team oversees an Enterprise Risk Management Charter System. The team works alongside designated environmental representatives in every plant to assess and identify emerging risks based on environmental data submitted into the Trivium Risk Inventory Management System. Once identified, medium to high-risk locations are provided with the necessary support to mitigate their identified risks.

Stakeholder engagement

Our sustainability commitments and initiatives put us in contact with a variety of stakeholders all over the world. We cherish these engagements as they provide us with the opportunity to better understand our stakeholders and their needs. Importantly, they enable us to establish lasting partnerships with parties that can affect and stand to be affected by our business. Engaging with our stakeholders is essential to how we do business. We identified a subset of stakeholders whose interests we consider to be material, as determined by, among other matters, their alignment with our values, objectives and expertise; their proximity to our operations; and their capacity and willingness to collaborate on sustainability issues. Our stakeholder group includes our community, customers, employees, industry associations, inter-and non-governmental bodies and organisations, investors, national and local authorities as well as suppliers. We aim to maintain an ongoing and constructive dialogue with these groups at all levels of our company.

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