Market-leading infant formula cans

Safe and secure infant formula packaging – for complete peace of mind.
Safety guaranteed

When it comes to infant nutrition, we know only the highest standards will do. All our metal packaging meets the industry's stringent hygiene and quality requirements while also offering advanced shaping and opening systems that combine protection and convenience.

Our cans are produced in dedicated BRC Certified factories and offer full traceability capabilities. We also have an established business continuity program in place – meaning you can rest assured that nothing can disrupt your production supply.

Key shapes and description

Our 100% infinitely recyclable formula packaging comes in different shapes and sizes with a variety of secure, easy-open and scoop-out options.

Deep drawn ends, rivets and QR coding, help provide a safe, tamper-proof solution that's also easily branded for product recognition.

We also offer a patented rivet Easy Peel® closure for optimal anti-tampering protection.

Differentiating designs

With unique shaping solutions and endless design options, we can make your infant nutrition cans jump out from the shelf. Our full-colour printing machines use the latest technologies to deliver special decorative effects such as our ‘matte & mirror impact’ process. It combines matte and glossy effects on the same can, delivering highly striking results.

Technical Service Support teams are available to assist our customers around the globe

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Ensuring your continuity

Continuity of supply is vital – especially for manufacturers of infant formula. That’s why we have a structured program for loss prevention and defined best practices in case of emergency. If one of our nutrition production plants were to suffer a major disruptive event, we can quickly switch production to preapproved alternative locations across our network: seven nutrition-dedicated plants – all BRC-certified.

Continuously innovating
Our award-winning innovations enable you to bring easy-open packaging to your customers. Trivium produces 99mm and 127mm Tab with Rivet® peel-off ends with a QR Code that is activated when read by the filler. Additionally, we offer embossing and a variety of printing options that vary by end type.

Safety, quality and sustainability

Metal packaging provides the ultimate in protection and safety for nutrition products. Metal cans are unbreakable, heat- and puncture-resistant and completely impervious to oxygen, light and bacteria.

Trivium has become the leader in infant nutrition packaging, in part, because we understand that these products require the most stringent hygiene and quality standards. We prioritize safety and have secured many internationally recognized accreditations in quality, environmental protection and food safety, including ISO9001, ISO14001 and BRC/ILP.

When it comes to sustainability—an increasingly important consideration for today’s consumers—metal packaging wins the day. Metal is considered a permanent material and is part of a circular economy in which materials can be 100% infinitely recycled without loss of quality. In fact, 80% of all metal produced IS STILL IN USE TODAY.

Trivium supports metal’s inherent sustainability through production processes that are energy efficient and have effective environmental management systems in place.

Key case study
Distinct shaping, tamper-evident sealing

When Mead Johnson was preparing to launch its Enfinitas infant nutrition product in China, they needed a packaging supplier that could deliver safety and innovation. We developed an award-winning solution: a three-piece metal can design that used mechanical expansion to create a distinctive hourglass shape. Ensuring both safety and convenience, the design featured our patented tamper-evident Easy Peel® closure, embossed with the Mead Johnson logo.

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