A safe and supportive workplace for everyone

Empowering our people and communities to give the best of themselves to our organisation – and society at large.
Promoting a zero-harm safety culture

As with all manufacturing processes, there are certain operating hazards. Because of these identified risks, Trivium has a robust and standardised health and safety (H&S) programme that protects the well-being of our people and reduces the likelihood of accidents in the workplace.

We also create awareness campaigns across our facilities, which help to keep our teams informed about safety issues and best practice.

Championing diversity and inclusivity

To become a global leader in sustainable metal packaging, we need to attract and retain a diverse workforce, with a range of backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge to share.We can only achieve this by developing an inclusive organisational culture.

In line with our DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging) strategy, our ongoing goal is to foster an environment where all our employees are represented and respected, can access opportunities in a fair, equitable and transparent manner and feel safe and empowered to bring their authentic selves to work where their uniqueness is valued and celebrated.

Caring for our communities

We see community engagement as a valuable part of our work at Trivium, helping us to better understand public perspectives on metal packaging and providing us with opportunities to raise its profile through meaningful dialogues. Our community engagement projects are also popular with our colleagues as a way of connecting with our purpose.

Our target is for every Trivium location to implement at least one community project per year, which can include workshops and activities with schools, organised Clean-Up Days in the local area and recycling promotion programmes for our staff.

Supporting our colleagues in Ukraine

When war broke out in Ukraine in February 2022, people across Trivium watched in disbelief and horror. For our more than 240 colleagues based in the country, however, it was a case of finding a way to live through the conflict. 

We set up a Ukraine Support Fund to which colleagues from all over the world could contribute. Together we raised over 150, 000 euros, which the company then matched, totalling a substantial donation. These funds provided vital assistance to our colleagues, helping with housing repairs and the purchase of winter clothing, scarce goods and power generators.