Protecting our future

How we are embracing the opportunity to make a positive change to our planet.
Paving the way for change

The world consumes 100 billion tonnes of materials annually, but only 8.6% is cycled back into our economy.1 That means over 90% of the resources we extract from nature go to waste every year.

By embracing sustainable packaging that prioritises recycling and circularity, we can collectively steer towards a more responsible and environmentally conscious future.

Sustainable at every step

Trivium produces and delivers high-quality and innovative metal packaging that helps our customers grow their businesses and supports their progress towards their sustainability objectives.

In doing so, we are on our own journey to reduce our environmental footprint – across our production sites and throughout our value chain. With our partners, we create projects and roadmaps to continuously improve and challenge the status quo – so that, together, we can reach our sustainability milestones.

Achieving true circularity with metal

Metal is our material of choice because it is infinitely recyclable, meaning that it has a lower waste footprint than most substrates on the market. Due to its infinite recyclability, it remains in the loop forever, reducing the need for virgin materials and resulting in up to 95% energy savings.

As one of the most highly recycled materials around the world1, it’s not surprising that more companies – and consumers – are turning to metal packaging.

Environmentally conscious consumers

We publish research on consumer attitudes to sustainable packaging, helping our customers gain valuable insights into what matters to their buyers. Our Buying Green Report shows that consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging while being reluctant to purchase products that harm the environment.

Beautifully functional, proudly sustainable

California Olive Ranch (COR) have a rich history of industry innovation. 20 years ago, they transformed olive growing practices and helped establish California's rigorous standard for olive oil (EVOO).

Seeking to enhance their commercial offering, COR partnered with us to develop a range of sleek aluminium bottles with a customised neck finish. The clear base coat reveals the beauty of brushed aluminium beneath, showcasing both the infinite recyclability of metal and COR’s commitment to sustainability.

The bottles offer great durability, minimising the risk of breakage and streamlining filling processes during production. And because aluminium provides superior protection against sunlight and moisture, it’s better at preserving the quality and colour of the oils compared to glass or plastic.

“Trivium’s top-notch Quality and R&D team provided us with plenty of support to get a bottle that works flawlessly. We are very pleased with the improved functionality, recyclability and aesthetic appearance of our bottles.”

Mary Mori, Vice President of Quality and Product at California Olive Ranch


To access the references for the statistics given on this page please click on this link.