Our approach to sustainability

Committing to circularity – across our business and with our partners
Circularity champion strategy

Circularity champion is our strategy to become the partner of choice for quality, sustainable packaging. Being a circularity champion means pioneering change and engaging in stakeholder collaborations that protect, promote and preserve resources. Simply put, it enables us to contribute to a circular economy and act as a force for good.

Underlying the circularity champion are three pillars that cover our value chain. Within each pillar, we have set ambitious targets that we aim to achieve by 2030.

Our Circularity champion pillars
Partner of choice
Developing the sustainable growth of our business through the production and delivery of safe and innovative packaging that exceeds our partners’ expectations. Our aspiration is to support more brand owners in swapping less sustainable packaging for our metal packaging solutions.
Care for climate
Contributing to a less wasteful, more sustainable future through continuous process optimisation, environmental management and responsible business practices. Our aim is to make our operations and supply chain as ethical, ecological and efficient as possible.
Force for good
Being a force for good in all the areas in which we operate. Our aim is to nurture a work environment in which our employees feel safe, engaged, and responsible, and to work with local and global stakeholders on collaborative engagements that inspire and promote the greater good.
Partnering to protect our oceans from plastic

Following the success of their No Plastic Water aluminium cans, Ocean52 came to us with the idea of producing a new premium line for their mineral water product.

In just four months, we worked with them to launch their No Plastic Water aluminium bottles. Sleek, sustainable and – crucially – re-closeable, they can be refilled and reused multiple times. When the bottles are finally discarded, they can be endlessly recycled.

As with all Ocean52 products, 52% of the profits from the sale of the bottles goes towards ocean conservation activities, such as beach clean-ups, education programmes and various circularity initiatives. Customers therefore directly contribute to plastic waste reduction and the preservation of marine biodiversity.

“Our new aluminium bottles are the perfect example of packaging that can be convenient, robust and fully in line with a truly circular, no-waste economy.”

Santi Mier, CEO and founder of Ocean52