About us

Trivium in numbers

We shape the future of packaging to ensure a better planet for everyone – today and for generations to come.

We contain what matters.

More than 60 locations around the globe
Nearly 7,500 employees
Annual revenue of approx. $3.1 billion
Product portfolio
Helping your brand stand out – sustainably

We offer a wide range of metal packaging with innovative shaping and opening solutions. Our shaping technologies include mechanical expansion, impact extrusion and blow moulding, which allows us to develop standard and custom shapes based on your product and brand requirements.

We also offer top-notch graphical and printing capabilities that can make any brand pop on the shelves.

Pushing the boundaries of packaging

Our R&D facilities in France and the US employ a team of scientists who work with you to define the most suitable specifications for your project – including sustainability-driven solutions such as downgauging (or lightweighting), reclosure systems and recycled content. We also conduct rigorous testing of materials and coatings.

Our focus on R&D has allowed us to consistently bring new innovations to the packaging industry, such as the Tripod can, the SpringLatch closure system and the Easy Peel opening solution.

Doing the right thing matters

Metal recycles forever without any loss of quality. It also enjoys high recycling rates around the world. That means metal stays in the loop, enabling a circular economy. That's why we believe metal is the sustainable choice.

But that's not all. Through our Operational Excellence program and environmental management systems, we drive continuous efficiency improvements across our organisation.

We closely monitor our energy consumption and emissions, maximise our recycling rates, optimise the use of secondary packaging materials, manage waste appropriately, and limit water usage.

Ethics and integrity

We have a strong commitment to doing business ethically and with integrity. We believe that is key to creating trusted relationships and performing at the highest level.

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Inclusion and diversity

At Trivium, inclusion and diversity matters. Our goal is to foster an environment where each person feels safe, respected and valued, and everyone has the opportunity to maximise their potential.

To become the global leaders in metal packaging we need to attract and retain a diverse workforce bringing a range of backgrounds, experience and knowledge to share with one another.

Our ambitious inclusion and diversity program will be fully implemented across the whole organisation by 2025. Through this we aim to create an inclusive workplace that motivates and inspires each of our employees to contribute to Trivium’s success every day.

Vision, mission, values
Our North star

To be the global leader in metal packaging.

To reliably deliver, high-quality, innovative, and sustainable packaging that exceeds expectations in protecting and promoting our partners' brands.