Aerosol cans

Trivium is the world's largest producer of steel and aluminum aerosols, offering high-quality innovative packaging with unlimited design opportunities.
Solutions customized to your product

Whether you’re in the beauty, personal care, food, home care or industrial category, Trivium has an aerosol can solution that can elevate your brand through enhanced sustainability and distinctive graphics.

Our monoblock aluminium aerosols are lightweight, customizable and can be produced quickly
Our steel aerosols offer unlimited design opportunities and are available in 3-piece cans
Our steel aerosols are available in diameters from 45 mm to 65 mm and heights from 96 mm to 300 mm
Aluminium aerosols range from 35 mm to 66 mm in diameter and 70 mm to 260 mm in height
Both steel and aluminium aerosols are 100% infinitely recyclable, meaning they can be recycled over and over without loss of quality.
A wide range of shapes and sizes

Our aerosol cans are avaliable in a range of shapes and sizes, designed to the suit the needs of your product and end consumers, whatever your industry. Please download our product sheets for more detail and exact specifcations on our aerosol can technology.

Stand out from the crowd

Our bold printing, graphics and shaping options help your brand differentiate in crowded categories.

Through standard and customized shapes and distinctive graphics and finishes, we deliver a solution in which the can and graphics work hand-in-hand to maximize impact.

Our full colour printing machines use the latest technologies to deliver distinctive decorative effects. They include NoVar inks that allow matte and gloss on same can, soft-touch inks for a rubberized can feel and metallic flake and pearl base coat effects.

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Aerosol cans in Europe

Metal packaging has become one of the preferred choices for brands seeking to enhance their circularity initiatives. The distinctive advantage of metal lies in its ability to undergo repeated recycling processes without any degradation in quality or purity.

Like every other metal packaging, aerosols can be recycled. However, their unique format and pressurization might require special care in the recycling process. Additionally, consumers’ perceptions and behaviours might negatively affect recycling rates. Therefore, education plays a pivotal role in increasing circularity and ensuring the preservation of valuable resources.

Want to see what your brand and graphics could look like on one of our bottles?
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