DRD Cans

Discover how our Draw Redraw Technology works
DRD – Draw Redraw Technology

Trivium’s DRD technology gives you the freedom to choose different shapes for your packaging, allowing for rectangular, round, cylindrical, conical and bowl-shaped cans. It is suitable for lower volume cans than DWI (Draw Wall Ironing) and offers direct printing application, including distortion.

DRD cans are commonly used for single-serve pet food and seafood cans, but can be found in a variety of different applications.

Suitable for direct printing
Food safe
Available in aluminium or tinplate
More suitable for low-volume cans
Maximum diameter = height ratio is typically around 1:1 & Maximum height of 90mm
Compatible with EOE, EPL, DS and OT ends
How DRD cans are made

DRD cans are formed starting with a “blank” (metal cut-out) that corresponds to the eventual size and shape of the resulting can.

The can is shaped by holding the blank in place and using a punch to push the metal into shape. Additional steps may be required, depending on the complexity of the shape.

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