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Trivium’s three-piece cans are suitable for a wide variety of applications including food cans, nutrition cans, paint cans and tinplate aerosols.

Three-piece metal cans provide superior protection to extend shelf life and reduce food waste. These cans allow for a wide range of flexibility in height and diameter and can be directly printed on. When desired, these cylinder cans can be shaped with conical shaping, giving the can a unique design.

High flexibility in diameter and height compared to DWI and DRD cans
Suitable for direct printing
Food safe
100% infinitely recyclable
Suitable for EOE, EPL, and OT ends
Available in tinplate only
Stand out from the crowd

Our bold printing, graphics and shaping options help your brand differentiate in crowded categories.

Through standard and customized shapes and distinctive graphics and finishes, we deliver a solution in which the can and graphics work hand-in-hand to maximize impact.

Our full colour printing machines use the latest technologies to deliver distinctive decorative effects. They include NoVar inks that allow matte and gloss on same can, soft-touch inks for a rubberized can feel and metallic flake and pearl base coat effects.

Case Study
Metal cans support Butcher’s Pet Care’s commitment to sustainability

Butcher’s Pet Care, a leading British pet food manufacturer, is committed to protecting the health of dogs with naturally nourishing food, and the environment with sustainable packaging.

Butcher’s has replaced the plastic shrink-wrap packaging on its multipack cans with recyclable and biodegradable cardboard, while retaining its commitment to metal cans produced by Trivium. In fact, the sustainability of the cans is an important part of Butcher’s environmental pledge, which states: “…Our cans are infinitely recyclable forever. These metals can be easily and sustainably turned into new materials, like car parts, bicycles or even more cans!”

“We know that reducing plastic packaging waste is a key concern for consumers,” said Rachel Collinson, Director of Food for Dogs at Butcher’s Pet Care. “We also appreciate the environmental credentials of the metal can, which is so easy to take for granted.”

Two-Piece vs Three-Piece Cans
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How three piece cans are made
Stage One

Steel strip arrives at the can manufacturing plant in large coils.

The steel strip is cut into large sheets and a coating is applied to the side of the sheets that will become the internal surfaces of the finished cans. This coating protects the can itself from corrosion and any possibility of interaction between the contents and the metal.

The lacquered sheets are dried in an oven and then cut into small sheets, one for each can body.

How three piece cans are made
Stage Two

Each small sheet is rolled into a cylinder and welded at the edge by squeezing them together and simultaneously passing an electric current through them that heats the metal sufficiently for a joint to be made.

The inside surface of the weld is sprayed with coating and then cured. The cans are passed through a flanger which flanges the top and bottom of the cans outward to accept the ends.

Ends are seamed to the bottom of every can to close one end and the cans are passed through a beader where the walls of the cans are imprinted with a beading pattern that gives them additional strength.

How three piece cans are made
Stage Three

Every can is tested at each stage of the manufacturing process. In the final stage, they pass through a pressure tester, which automatically rejects any cans with imperfections.

The finished bodies are then transferred to the warehouse to be palletised and dispatched to the filling plant.

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