Constantly innovating

The world is changing. And so is our packaging. Together we can create pioneering products that make a real difference.
Driving sustainability through innovation matters

We approach innovation a little differently. We use innovation to drive sustainability.

That means downgauging, lightweighting, reclosure solutions, recycled content, CO2 reduction, and Reduce and Recycle options are always top of mind.

We want to drive innovation that matters, but we know we can't do it alone.

It's important to us to partner with customers from initial concept to product launch to constantly develop new solutions that make a difference.

Innovation team
A diverse and global R&D team at your disposal

With three R&D facilities in France, Brazil, and the US, we come equipped with a broad set of capabilities that can help you explore new opportunities when it comes to graphics, shaping, closures, and everything in between.

We are here to find solutions together with you when it comes to:

Packaging body prototyping
Printing and graphics
Opening and closing solutions
Lacquers and food contact
Process innovation and engineering
Container performance
Keeping it light and circular

We have made bold sustainability commitments, meaning we always view our R&D work through a sustainability lens.

That's where lightweighting and recycled content come in. With over 80 scientists around the world, our R&D team is constantly working on improving our raw material to make better alloys that are lighter and include increasing amounts of recycled content. All that without compromising the strength and recyclability of the metal.

Reducing weight and increasing the amount of recycled content in our cans can reduce our carbon footprint – and yours – enabling a circular economy where our raw materials stay in the loop forever.

Graphics that pop on any shelf

You want to stand out on a shelf and we can help. Our award-winning printing capabilities allow for virtually infinite possibilities. We'll work with you to find the best possible visual treatment for your brand from pearl, gloss, and matte to metallic, thermochromatic, and UV activated.

That's not all. There is a strong sustainability argument to be made for metal packaging and graphics. For many other substrates, the use of colours and labels can come at a considerable cost to the environment. Plastic packaging is a case in point. Dyed and pigmented plastic packaging is significantly challenging to recycle. Because of its pigmentation, coloured plastic can only be recycled into darker shades of the original dye (or black), which limits its recycling potential. For this reason, many recycling facilities regard pigmented plastics as contaminants to the recycler stream and subsequently send them for incineration or landfill.

In contrast, direct, full-body printing is possible for cans, which eliminates the need for secondary materials for labels and retains the can’s inherent recyclability. In effect, metal cans provide a 360° canvas to make your brand pop.

Reclose, refill, reuse, recycle
Making it easy to reclose, refill, reuse and eventually recycle (forever)

As consumers everywhere become more aware of the negative environmental impact of single-use plastics, we have developed solutions that make metal packaging a strong alternative to plastics.

Threaded metal cans and bottles, for instance, are ideal for everything from water and wine to health and beauty products. They drastically reduce the need for plastic and support new business models like refilling and subscription services.

We have made sure our threaded cans and bottles can be combined with a variety of shape and closure options in different sizes and are fully compatible with existing pumps, foamers and misters.

The right shape that says "Pick me!"

Metal has an intrinsic ability to be formed into virtually any shape. This can make your product stackable, nestable, and – perhaps most importantly – attention-grabbing. Our shaping technologies can help.

Die necking gradually forms a straight cylinder into the desired shape by pushing smaller and smaller dies on to it, while blow moulding shapes a cylinder to fit a specific mould using air pressure. These techniques allow for a number of different shapes and sizes of the neck and body of the cylinder. Embossing is yet another way of shaping the can to make it stand out on any shelf.

Unlocking convenience

We understand that innovation plays a crucial role in meeting our customers' evolving needs and expectations while ensuring the highest quality and sustainability standards.

Our collaboration with ArcelorMittal Europe to develop a new steel grade for easy-open ends (EOEs) illustrates our commitment to continuous improvement and enhancing the user experience. This innovative solution offers consumers a better opening experience and enables further lightweighting of our components.

Our ongoing efforts to create thinner, lighter EOEs that utilize fewer resources enable more sustainable packaging solutions that cater to the demands of both customers and the environment.

More than a supplier – committing to innovation with you

We take partnership seriously and work with our customers from the beginning of the exploration and ideation process. By bringing together your brand and consumer knowledge and our expertise on metal packaging, we can address real consumer pain points and jointly come up with creative solutions.

Our R&D and Business Development teams will leverage customer and consumer input and apply design thinking methodologies to develop solutions. And because we work with brands from a wide range of industries, we can cross-fertilise ideas and concepts to address your specific packaging challenges.

We run Innovation Sessions with existing customers and large prospective customers. We can modify the format to fit your needs, but we generally bring together a team of 3-5 people from your team and ours. Depending on your challenge, we bring the right people with the right expertise to the table – to propose innovative metal packaging solutions that drive brand growth.

In 2021 we ran over 20 Innovation Sessions across a number of different industries from paints and coatings to infant formula.

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