Beverage bottles

Perfect for any drink, our aluminium bottles allow you to customise the size, shape and capacity of your packaging to best suit your brand – and your buyers.
Key features and description

Premium, convenient and sustainable packaging options for your beverage product.

100% aluminium packaging is infinitely recyclable and can include recycled content.
Superior barrier quality elongates shelf life and limits product waste.
Compatible with industry-standard closures.
Direct printing eliminates the need for a label while helping your brand to stand out.
Advanced shaping and graphic design capabilities enhance your brand identity and create a distinctive, stand-out look.
Innovative inks and coatings give products a differentiated, premium look and feel.
We offer a range of standard common sizes, from 2oz to 1l, and any fill size in between.
A bottle with a difference

Our aluminium beverage bottles are made to stand out on the shelf. We’ll help you print eye-catching graphics that capture consumer attention – both in terms of your product’s aesthetic and its sustainability.

Portable and recloseable, our aluminium bottles answer consumer demand for convenient, sustainable packaging that fits an on-the go lifestyle. They’re also lightweight and durable, making them ideal for individuals at home or on the move, as well as for entertainment and hospitality venues.

Document and Spec

Find out more about our beverage bottles – including standard size ranges available by region:

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View our brochure (America)
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Innovation in beverage packaging

With more than 450 active patents and over 95 international awards, our R&D team consists of collaborative and experienced thought leaders, all poised to partner with you and your team to innovate, develop, test and optimise new products or technologies.

Our aluminium bottles have won numerous awards for their innovative threading, their eye-catching shaping and graphics, and their sustainability benefits.

We're constantly developing new offerings and would love to partner with you to shape the future of beverage packaging.

Consumers seek sustainable packaging

Products that marketed their sustainability grew 7.1x faster than traditionally marketed products.

  • 59% of consumers look for information on the recyclability or sustainability of the packaging on products they buy.
  • 63% claim they are less likely to buy products with packaging that is harmful to the environment.
  • 82% of consumers would be willing to pay more for sustainable packaging.

    Source: NYU Stern CSB Sustainable Market Share Index 2020.
    2023 Buying Green report conducted by Euromonitor International.
Key Case Study

When RainForest Artesian Water was looking for packaging that matched their ecological focus, they turned to Trivium. Together we developed a bottle designed to help eliminate single-use plastics that dominate the bottled water offering. The bottle uses 25% recycled aluminium and can be reclosed, refilled and 100% recycled with no plastic components.

Its intricate and eye-catching labeling pays homage to the source of the bottled water, namely the rainforest, while the bottle’s lightweight, reclosable and unbreakable elements appeal to the on-the-go, eco-conscience consumer who wants convenience and sustainability.

The RainForest Artesian Water bottle won a PAC Global Award, an iF Design Award and a Can of the Year Award in 2021.

Want to know what consumers think about sustainable packaging?

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