Open and closed

We offer a complete range of 100% infinitely recyclable opening solutions and ends for all of our metal packaging.
Reliability you can count on

We provide the highest quality and safety standards for all our slugs, ends and components. Our innovative solutions enable us to partner with you across and are designed to help you grow your business while being eco-friendly.

Key shapes and description
Our components offer sustainable, high-quality, protective packaging. Our product line includes:
Peel-Off ends
Easy-Open ends
Scoop-out Easy-Peel ends
Bottom ends
Printed sheets
High quality on a global scale

All our ends are produced in BRC-certified factories, where we have several tools to track the quality of our products, including cameras, Lean Six Sigma and a strict hygiene standard. We sell our components globally and have several shipping locations in Europe and across the Americas to support your every need.

A wide variety of closures to fit your needs

Trivium offers a complete range of 100% infinitely recyclable opening solutions and ends for all of our metal packaging.

Turn sustainability into success

Our infinitely recyclable metal packaging solutions protect your product, promote your brand and preserve our planet.

Opening Innovation
Our peelable closures
Our peelable closures are ideal for heat processed products, such as seafood, dairy desserts and pet food, as well as dry and powdered products, including baby food, coffee and nuts.
Our peelable closures
The Trivium OptiLift®
The Trivium OptiLift® solution is a steel easy-open end that now features even better finger access for effortless opening. It is the world’s thinnest steel end with a thickness of 0.16mm.
The Trivium OptiLift®
Advanced metallurgy, quality manufacturing

Using the latest advancements in aluminium alloy technology, we supply high-quality, eco-friendly aluminium slugs to your exact specifications.

Our aluminium slugs are ideal for producing rust-resistant and lightweight aluminium aerosol cans and other extruded metal applications.

With our metallurgy expertise, advanced manufacturing technologies and process controls, as well as a rigorous quality assurance system, you get consistently high-quality slugs every time.

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