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30 August 2023

Code of Conduct & Speak up!

By Trivium Communications
Supplier Code of Conduct
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Trivium Code of Conduct (EN)
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Code of Conduct

Trivium's culture stems from the following core values: Passion, Teamwork and Excellence. These core values allow us to meet our commitments to our customers, partners, suppliers and stakeholders, and to promote ethical corporate behaviour within Trivium Packaging and with respect to third parties.

Our Code of Conduct contains principles to give us guidance on how we should operate. All Trivium employees must know, understand and apply these principles in their daily work, regardless of location, function or level in the company.

Speak up! How to raise a concern

Trivium is committed to an environment of open and honest communication. We encourage our employees and stakeholders to voice their concerns relating to (suspicion of) a breach of the Trivium Code of Conduct, laws or regulations.

Anyone who wishes to raise a concern regarding a (suspicion of a) violation by Trivium or its employees of any laws, regulations or Trivium’s Code of Conduct should contact Trivium at